Diversity & Inclusion

What is the trd diversity & inclusion committee?

First and foremost this committee came together with the genuine respect and love for our league. We share a mutual goal to pass on an understanding of issues we see happening and propose feasible and constructive solutions to make our league stronger. We came together because of unique and shared experiences. We felt a need to bring light to them collectively. We each represent a different team, skill set, skating level, and duration spent within the league. We have both witnessed and experienced micro/macro aggressions.

The TRD community is widely recognized and known. To continue to build onto this league and move forward with intention, we seek to set both short and long-term goals to shift our league toward a culture of inclusion. We are under no illusion that certain aspects, as mentioned above, will instantaneously dissipate. However, by utilizing educational and training resources, keeping our recruitment, public relations and media, and general operations in line with our vision, we feel our league will truly become a safe space for current and future skaters.


Foxy Afrodite (BOD Point-person and Charity Coordinator for Bouts)

Purple Reina (Facilitation Requests & New Skater Orientation into an Inclusive League)

Lil Spoon (Education and Training)

Lana Del Slay (Captain and Coaching Outreach)

Slamarai Cutiepie (Scholarship Manager)

Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

We seek to build a safe and inclusive league irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender identity, country of origin, body type, language spoken, ability, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, economic status, education, mental health, skating skill level, or criminal background. We represent a diverse group of Tucson Roller Derby skaters who have experienced discrimination related to our identities and lived experiences. We are also a group of skaters who act as accomplices for each other and who wish to enlist all of TRD in the active work of being an ally to our fellow skaters.


  • Became an official committee of TRD (Dec. 2017) with 1 BOD vote
  • Helped facilitate and organize league-wide votes related to the culture of TRD (e.g. Removal of National Anthem at all TRD events; Changing after-party location)
  • Created and managed a dues scholarship open to all league members in need of financial support
  • Aided in the adoption of gender neutral/inclusive language usage by TRD announcers
  • Hosted a watch-party and a training on WFTDA sexual harassment policy and sexual violence prevention

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