VICE Squad

Founded in 2005, TRD's third roller derby team is known for their hard hits and laid back style. Adhearing to their "cops and robbers" theme, VICE skaters proudly sport the blue and white uniform. They strive to support each other on and off the track and give their personal best at every bout.

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  • 728 Van D. Lyzher (Captain)
    714 Guerra Sucia (Co-Captain)
    007 Jams Bond
    1601 TJ HookHer
    16 Scrappy McNasty
    1072 PyRo Blaze
    120 Socket Wench
    7777 Real Nasty
    403 Trouble Shooter
    34C TT Smasher
    50 Narc Attack
    505 Cherry Pop-Her
    434 Mona Handful

    75 Surly Service (non-skating)
    1337 ROFL Copter (Bench Coach)

2018 vice-squad Roster