Copper Queens

2015 and 2016 State Conference Champions!

Formed in 2007, the Copper Queens were the fourth team started by TRD. From humble beginnings, they dug in their heels and worked hard to achieve an impressive number of wins in recent years. In 2015, the Queens won the Arizona State Conference, beating Phoenix rivals the Surly Girlies 189-173 for the title.

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  • 37 DeathProof (Captain)
    b00m Blaxican Bomber (Co-Captain)
    88 Alabama Whirley (LOA)
    k9 Ema Sculator
    79 Goldie Roxx
    77 Judo Gnomi
    1 Mica Jackson
    717 Mystery Meat
    33 Pixie Axe
    1980 Metal Maiden
    549 Dewey Decimatrix
    F122 Dark Crystal
    5 Olive Jukes
    50 Momo

    51N Echo TraxiYa (non-skating)
    Downtown Dave (Coach)

2018 copper-queens Roster