In 2015, TRD’s Bandoleras (affectionately known as the Bandos) changed their identity. Like Clark Kent into Superman, the Bandoleras evolved from the B-level travel team to a city-level team that gives TRD’s newest skaters bouting experience and a safe environment to learn and develop as derby girls. The lineup boasts a mix of rookies and returning vets.

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  • 1974 Foxy Afro-Dite (Captain)
    1031 Iron Mayhem (Co-Captain)
    928 Syko Sis
    514 May Day
    325 Cell Block Cindy
    182 The probleMOE
    25 Lana Del Slay
    216 Diabolica
    1318 ApocaHips
    92 ToXic InTention
    104 T.Killya Shots
    575 Risky Bizness

    Pick Onia Pie (Bench Coach)

2018 bandoleras Roster