Join Tucson Roller Derby!


Insured women 18 and over may join Tucson Roller Derby as a team skater. We are always looking for dedicated players!  We hold Fresh Meat training courses about twice a year. These three-month courses teach new skaters the moves they need to pass the minimum skills requirements and skate with TRD. No previous skating experience is necessary to join, only dedication and heart. Remember, you get out what you put in!

Orientation is 100% FREE, so come check it out and see if roller derby is for you.


WHEN/WHERE: 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 24 at the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation building 375 S. Euclid Ave.  (see map).

Orientation discusses equipment, time commitment, and gives you the chance to ask anything you want to know about derby. No gear is necessary to attend an orientation.

If you are unable to attend, don't worry! You can still do the Fresh Meat program starting February 21th. Just be sure to have all your gear and required items to skate in practice February 21th.

For additional details, please contact our Newbie Liaison at

Don't want to skate, still want to help?

If you're not sure about skating there's still lots of room for you! Men and women 18 and over may join in a variety of roles including referees, stat trackers, bout production and general help. Anyone of any age can help support TRD through promoting, fundraising, sponsoring, and attending events and matches.


Fresh Meat, Spring 2014


First Fresh Meat Class of 2013

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